Twitter lets us communicate in 140 characters or less. This discipline helps us get to the white-hot centre of our messages.

You'll find three channels:

  1. @riscariooutlinks.gif: a companion to the Riscario Insider risk-related blog
  2. @mActuaryoutlinks.gif: a companion to the Marketing Actuary marketing blog for entrepreneurs.
  3. @trustandyououtlinks.gif: all about trust

There's little or no overlap. Feel free to sign up for the ones you like.



Klout measures influence. Here are my current scores.


PeerIndex also measures influence. Here are @riscario, @mActuary and @trustandyou, respectively.


Following You Back

I'm most likely to Follow you back on @trustandyououtlinks.gif. I'm not likely to Follow you more than once.


You won't find many tweets. Quality over quantity. I'm not interested in what I had for breakfast and doubt you are either. I'm using Twitter primarily for broadcasting. That's why I don't Follow many people.


Since much of my time is already committed, I preschedule most updates of my updates with grabinboxoutlinks.gif. Otherwise you'd see bursts and lulls in activity.


You'll find that LinkedIn has many of the tweets from @mActuaryoutlinks.gif. Some tweets show on Facebook. Five tweets get included in the Marketing Reflectionsoutlinks.gif newsletter.


Here are apps that help me use Twitter

  • grabinboxoutlinks.gif: used to pre-schedule most of my updates on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook; free
  • refollowoutlinks.gif: many features including searches to spot inactive Followers and people you Follow who don't Follow you; using free version

Your suggestions are welcome.


Here are apps I'm trying.


To reach me, please consider sending email for a faster and lengthier response. I'm most active on LinkedIn.

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