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We are looking for inspiring speakers to deliver powerful talks on the theme of Alchemy. If you think you would be a great addition to our program, please complete the TEDxToronto 2012 Community Nominated Speaker Application Form below. Applications for Community Nominated speakers will close at midnight on July 1, 2012.

1. Tell us about yourself. (150 words max)

actuary | advocate | blogger: committed to learning and sharing

How can we make the world better? I've wondered since childhood. We're engulfed by risk. Boosting peace of mind helps. I've focused on taming financial risks with life and health insurance. I became an actuary, designed products and then helped advisors sell them. I was on the wrong side. I was using my insider knowledge to help the sector instead of the public.

I saw the public had trouble deciding who and what to trust. What could I do? I started blogging in 2007. This is how I found my voice. You'll find over 500 posts (http://bit.ly/500posts).

Blogging lead to requests for my advice. In 2009, I started conducting fee-only Actuarial Insurance Reviews. In 2011, I got nominated for Business Excellence Award from the Toronto Board of Trade.

I'm a TED/TEDx supporter (http://bit.ly/TEDxCompare).

2. Why do you think you would be a great TEDxToronto Speaker? (100 words max)

A great speaker delivers compelling content in an inspiring way.

CONTENT: Trust matters. How do we spot and earn trust today? I've explored from the financial sector (which the latest Edelman Trust Barometer ranks at the bottom … again). Techniques learned there also work elsewhere.

DELIVERY: I've honed my speaking skills at Toastmasters where I'm a recent Competent Communicator. I've addressed many audiences (even the CALU conference where past speakers include Ted Rogers, Stephen Harper and Mitch Joel). I post most talks online with extra resources (links at http://www.promodsharma.com).

I'd prepare to meet the TEDxToronto standards.

3. How would you tie into the TEDxToronto 2012 theme of Alchemy (100 words max)

TOPIC: The Alchemy of Trust

DESCRIPTION: This talk covers the ingredients of trust and how to combine them. Content includes how to spot trust and - more important - how to earn trust in today's world of social media.

PROCESS: I'll build on previous trust-related presentations and blog posts. I'll add fresh content. This talk will be crafted, practised and polished to be worthy of the TEDxToronto audience. The length will be tailored to the time available.

4. Why do you believe your ideas are worth spreading in a Toronto context (100 words max)

My ideas come from Toronto and get field-tested here. I meet people with different ages, incomes, cultures, causes and businesses. I don't know another place with such diversity where I feel at home.

Toronto is where I got the courage to start blogging and speaking. That's changed my life and empowered me to help others. I owe the city much.

Toronto is also home. I've lived here since 1991 after growing up in London Ontario and working in Ottawa.

Thanks for considering this application.

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