TEDx Toronto 2011

This is my application to attend TEDxToronto 2011 as a delegate. You are welcome to apply by August 15, 2011. If you're going to Word11, drop by and say "Hi".

What are you passionate about (e.g. work, creative output, issues, causes, communities)? (150 words max)

We're here to make the world better. I'm passionate about sharing what I know to help others through my work, leisure and volunteer activities. This is not idle chatter: I've been blogging since February 2007 (over 400 posts). Also, I am speaking pro bono at Word11 about building trust with social media and at the fall Toastmasters District 60 conference about ways to help these nonprofit clubs grow to assist more people. My primary causes are ignorance and inertia. My weapons are education and inspiration, respectively. I'm also passionate about continual learning and experimentation. Maybe that's why you permitted me to attend TEDxToronto last year. Here's your opportunity to repeat that "mistake" again :)

If a friend were to describe your accomplishments in up to three sentences, what would he or she say? (100 words max)

Learns: continually seeking out and embracing new ideas.
Experiments: trying different things, failing sometimes and trying again.
Shares: makes others aware of what may work for them.

What does this year's conference theme "Redefinition" mean to you? (100 words max)

Redefinition means looking at what others see, spotting something they missed and then acting on that revelation. For instance, tablets have been around since the 1990s but they were flops until Apple introduced the iPad. Creating a bigger iPod is very different than modifying a PC. Redefinition means changing yourself too. Redefinition spurs progress, which spurs more progress.

Tell us about three things that you've always wanted to learn how to do (50 characters max per line)

  1. How to create video
  2. How to memorize a speech
  3. How to become more emotionally intelligent.

Tell us about three skills or abilities that others could learn from you (50 characters max per line)

  1. How to get started
  2. How to keep going
  3. How to keep growing

What do we need to know about you that we didn't ask? (100 words max)

In May, I delivered the closest I've come to a TED Talk. The topic was Building Trust With Social Media at the CALU conference, which elite advisors attend. Past speakers include the likes of Stephen Harper, Mitch Joel and Robert Cialdini. Preparation took six months. I even joined Toastmasters to practice (and am now the club's president). Some year, I hope to have a topic of interest to you. How's that for setting ambitious goals and working to achieve them?

Please feel free to list up to three websites that will help us to better understand you.
Please only list sites that are personal to you (e.g. your blog, your company's website, a book you wrote, your biography or C.V., a video you created, photo(s) of or taken by you, etc.). Please do not list a site simply because you like it / use it frequently.

  1. Highlights from TEDxToronto 2010outlinks.gif: Sharing highlights from TEDxTO 2010
  2. Comparing TEDxTO and TEDxIBYorkoutlinks.gif: Comparing TEDxTO and TEDxIBYork lat year
  3. CALU 2011: Video of "Building Trust With Social Media"outlinks.gif: has a recording of my CALU talk mentioned above

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