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I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to the light I have.
— Abraham Lincoln

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Thanks for dropping by. This site is about … me. You won't find more details online anywhere else. I don't talk about myself much. I'm a listener. An interested introvert. You can find out more here, on LinkedIn (includes testimonials) or my Google Profile (see why you need one too).

First off, my name is pronounced "pro-MODE", which rhymes with implode, explode and — sadly — commode.

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My Calling

You know how we're powerless against many factors that affect our lives (e.g., global warming, the price of gasoline, government spending, pollution, food safety, …)? Well, I use my specialized training as an actuary to measure and manage financial risks — which we can tackle. I focus on families and small businesses. I work with the accountant, investment advisor, insurance specialist and lawyer to tailor unique strategies. Have you taken steps to measure and manage your financial worries?

The four common financial risks are

  1. longevity: living too long
  2. mortality: dying too soon
  3. morbidity: getting sick
  4. disability: getting disabled

Often overlooked is the fifth: taxevity. This is the risk of overpaying taxes through ignorance or inaction.

Learn more through my public services: riscario.com wiki and the Riscario Insider blog. You can also ask me.

Executive Summary

By training, I'm an actuary. By practice, I'm a communicator. I'm here to help and learn.

While I'm not everyone's "cup of tea", neither am I an odious brew. To be true to you, I must first be true to myself. Do we connect? You'll get a good sense of our compatibility through this site.

Here are highlights

  • always learning
  • sharing the best of what I know (what's the point of learning if you're not helping others?)
  • practical, focused
  • prefer words over numbers (unusual for an actuary)

Other Sites

Here are other public sites I offer in the spirit of caring and sharing.

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Marketing blog, Twitter, eNewsletter help advisors help their clients through ideas, insights and best practices

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