Podcamp Toronto

Topic: Building Trust With Podcasting
Format: Unscripted group discussion
Presenter: Promod Sharma
Designations: FSA, FCIA
Title: Marketing Actuary

Podcamp Toronto 2012 | Feb 26, 2012 at noon

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Trust matters for our personal and business success. The rules have changed and so have our tools. Podcasting can be an effective component of your strategy. Even if your audience is small, you've got opportunities for big, indirect rewards.

You don't need any experience. Explore the WHY of building trust with podcasting.

Questions Answered

  1. How to build trust in today's won't-get-fooled-again world
  2. Why blogging vs builds trust better than podcasting
  3. How to get comfortable with the sound of your voice
  4. How to think when your brain freezes
  5. When video matters
  6. Where you get ideas
  7. What equipment you need
  8. How do you measure success



The video answers these questions

  1. Do you follow a script or ad lib?
  2. How do I get started with podcasting?
  3. I write. Should I also podcast?
  4. Do you follow a script or ad lib?
  5. Explain trust in more detail
  6. More about trust in the financial sector
  7. Tips for video voiceovers
  8. The merits of impromptu vs scripts
  9. Overcoming fear of microphones

and lots more.

Copy of the Presentation

Here is a PDF of the slides (1 MB). They may not mean much unless you see watch the video too.


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