IRIS "10-8" Insured Leveraging

out of date (currently "9-7" leveraging but with the same 2% guaranteed spread)

The use of IRIS "10-8" insured leveraging turbocharges the key insured strategies used today. You get the classic tax advantages of life insurance combined with the tax advantages of life insurance. Unfortunately, few advisors or clients understand "10-8" — even if they think they do.


  • The Undeniable Appeal of IRIS
  • The pros and cons of each of the three types of immediate insured leveraging
  • Tax considerations, including the risk of tax audits


Here is a 2008 studio recording following the eight city roadshow, Have You Seen IRIS Lately?outlinks.gif. My goal was to prompt advisors who served the wealthy to explore "10-8" leveraging (even if they'd made up their minds).

This is the first presentation I ever recorded. At the time, I didn't have a proper microphone or know how to edit. The result is still watchable and educational. Much of the content is still relevant though "10-8" has become "9-7".


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