Part 1: Be The One They Want

Audience: advisors
Length: 85 min
Prerequisite: none (suits novices and experts)
Booklet: 32 page PDF

What is the most important issue for 76.8% of independent businesses in Ontario? What concerns get overlooked? How can you help? How do you market your solutions to entrepreneurs? Why should they do business with you? Discover proven strategies in this timely new presentation from a marketing actuary with the passion for simple.


  1. Why target entrepreneurs?
  2. What do they want?
  3. Would you buy from you?

This session lead to the creation of Marketing Reflections, a free monthly eNewsletter to help you and your centres of influence market better.

The next is session Part 2: The Plight of Retained Earnings


Here is written feedback from attendees with personal identifiers removed.

This is the first seminar I have attended which actually talks about marketing strategies for advisors like me. Thanks. I look forward to more to come.

I'm waiting for Part II.

Thanks for your presentation. I look forward to our getting together in late November of early 2010.

Well prepared. I'm sure I can have benefits from the information you provided for us.

Is there anything you can send me by email?

I'd like to connect with you to inspire me. Email me please whatever interesting topics. Thanks.

Wish for a small group presentation.

I would like to have a copy of the seminar by email.

Very well-prepared and most ideas can be used immediately.

Very very good.

Great job done.

Presentation was enjoyable & informative & gave me new marketing ideas.

Great job Promod!

Very informative.

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