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Good Works was established by Carol Roberts (LinkedIn) in 2003 to serve, support and encourage the transitioning, employed, unemployed, re-entering the workforce, as well as retirees and those soon to be retired.


Good Works

Trust And You: Be The One They Want | May 15, 2012 (Tuesday)

The Talk

What's worse than looking for a job today?

Finding one and looking again in the unpredictable future. How do you — and ones you love — grow more employable and valuable from now on?

Earn trust. Learn proven, simple but overlooked techniques in this interactive session. The benefits escalate over time with your ongoing generosity and unwavering faith.


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Live Recording

This is the recording of the full presentation.


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The Presenter

Presenter: Promod Sharma
Designations: FSA, FCIA

Promod Sharma ("pro-MODE") is an actuary, blogger and advocate from the low trust world of life/health insurance. That was the inspiration and testing ground for the ideas. Since 2007, he has been blogging to :

Promod also speaks to groups and is President of Goodyear Toastmasters for 2011/2012.

You'll find more about Promod at and on LinkedIn.

Special Instructions For Organizers

A well-arranged event reduces stress and boosts benefits for the audience.

Equipment Requirements

The presenter will use his own notebook computer and wireless remote. As a precaution, a copy of the presentation will be on a USB flash drive in PowerPoint 2010 format. Please arrange for:

  1. projector with VGA input (content is formatted for 720p HD widescreen but works with a conventional 1024x768 projector)

The session will be recorded with the intention of posting the video on YouTube (barring technical glitches). The recording:

  • reminds attendees of what was discussed (less need for taking notes)
  • shows the absent what they missed (and encourages them to attend other sessions arranged by the organizers)
  • helps the speaker improve

The audience members will not be shown but their voices will be recorded.

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