How To Earn And Keep Trust

Freelancecamp Toronto 2012

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How To Earn And Keep Trust | May 27, 2012 at 10:00 AM

The Talk

Trust is essential for success as a freelancer. Your expertise is not enough. Potential clients have difficulty judging your skills and often feel they have reasonable substitutes. In this session, explore how the face of trust has changed. How do you rank? Discover what you can do to attract and retain clients.

This session is designed for freelancers who

  1. have the expertise to do the work
  2. face challenges getting or keeping clients


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Live Recording

This recording is a tad unusual. The discussion started before the session started and continued after the conclusion. Since the camera was filming, you'll see the extra segments here.


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Presenter: Promod Sharma
Designations: FSA, FCIA

Promod ("pro-MODE") is an actuary who designed life/health insurance products and helped advisors sell them. Now he conducts fee-only actuarial insurance reviews.

In 2011, Promod got interviewed in The Globe and Mail and Toronto Star. He was also nominated for a Business Excellence Award from the Toronto Board of Trade. He lost but of the 49 candidates in eight categories, he was the only one from financial services. That's the least trusted sector in the worldoutlinks.gif once more (Edelman Trust Barometer 2011 and 2012). Trust-building techniques that work there can certainly help you.

Promod attended the original Freelancecamp Toronto in 2010. You'll see speaking experience at presentations and find more background at LinkedInoutlinks.gif.

Special Instructions For Organizers

A well-arranged event reduces stress and boosts benefits for the audience.

Equipment Requirements

The presenter will use his own notebook computer and wireless remote. As a precaution, a copy of the presentation will be on a USB flash drive in PowerPoint 2010 format. Please arrange for:

  1. projector with VGA input (content is formatted for 720p HD widescreen but works with a conventional 1024x768 projector)

The session will be recorded with the intention of posting the video on YouTube (barring technical glitches). The recording:

  • reminds attendees of what was discussed (less need for taking notes)
  • shows the absent what they missed (and encourages them to attend other sessions arranged by the organizers)
  • helps the speaker improve

The audience members will not be shown but their voices will be recorded.

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