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Using Social Media to Grow your Practice | Mar 22, 2012 (Thursday)

The Talk

You provide intangible professional services and face competition. How do you get prospects to select you and clients to recommend you? How do you stay in touch before, during and after a sale? How do you create a powerful impression without being present?

Your expertise is rarely enough to establish trust and grow your business. Why not market better using social media to grow your practice? Discover simple, inexpensive techniques you can use now.

Learn how to unleash the power of LinkedIn, Twitter, podcasts, YouTube, newsletters and blogs. Find the right medium for your message. Get your questions answered.

The Video


How To Build Trust With Social Media

This video gives an overview of how to build trust with social media. You'll find more here.


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The Presenter

Presenter: Promod Sharma
Designations: FSA, FCIA
Title: Marketing Actuary
Company Name: Taxevity

Promod ("pro-MODE") is an actuary, blogger and advocate. At National Life, he designed life and health products for 10 years. At Industrial Alliance Insurance, he helped leading advisors sell for five years.

Advisors were looking for clients and clients were looking for advisors they could trust. Promod thought that what is now called "social media" would help both groups. As an experiment, he started blogging in 2007 and has written over 500 posts —- some 250,000 words. He also uses LinkedIn, podcasting, Twitter and newsletters.

Building trust worked too well. Instead of going to their advisors, the public started consulting Promod for advice. Now he conducts independent, fee-only actuarial insurance reviews.

In 2011, Promod was nominated for a Business Excellence Award from the Toronto Board of Trade. He lost but of the 49 candidates in 8 categories, he was the only one from financial services —- still the least trusted sector on the planetoutlinks.gif (according to the 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer).

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