Association of Independent Consultants

Topic: Do You Market Like It's 1999?
Presenter: Promod Sharma
Designations: FSA, FCIA
Title: Marketing Actuary
Company Name: Taxevity

Association Of Independent Consultants (AIC) | Jan 31, 2011 at 7 PM

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The Talk

How do you get your prospects to pick you over your competitors? How do you stay in touch before and after a sale? How do you create a powerful first impression without even being there?

Your expertise is rarely enough to establish trust and grow your business. Why not market better? Discover simple, inexpensive techniques you can use now while the New Year is still fresh.

Learn how to unleash the power of LinkedIn, Twitter, podcasts, YouTube, newsletters and blogs. Find the right medium for your message. Get your questions answered by a consultant who reveals what he has used and who does not selling any marketing services.

It's time to stop marketing like it's 1999. Or 1989.

The Presenter

What does an actuary know about marketing?

Promod has devoted his life to life insurance. He designed products and then advised A-list advisors on their A-list clients. Now he directly helps successful entrepreneurs, wealthy families and generous donors. What does that have to do with marketing? Plenty. Imagine the challenges in marketing life insurance. Few know of the many tax advantages. So they needlessly bear the financial risks of living too long, dying too soon and overpaying taxes.

Promod started blogging in 2007 to educate the public (Riscario Insider) and help entrepreneurs market better (Marketing Actuary). He expanded to LinkedIn, podcasts, tweeting and newsletters (Marketing Reflections). The lessons from those experiments form the basis of the presentation.

Special Instructions

The presenter will use his own notebook computer and wireless remote. As a precaution, a copy of the presentation will be on a USB flash drive in PowerPoint 2010 format. This allows use of another Windows computer, if necessary.

Please arrange for the following

  • projector with VGA input (content is formatted for 1280x800 HD widescreen but works with a conventional 1024x768 projector)
  • sound (video is used)

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