How do you get volunteers to write?

How do you get volunteers to write?

If you've got a newsletter or blog and want content, getting volunteers to participate is an excellent idea. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to get them involved. This is odd because people will talk and talk. Why won't they put some of those words into writing?


There's lots to write about in Toastmasters. Speeches can be turned into text. Members can give speaking tips. I started a blog for Goodyear Toastmastersoutlinks.gif. I offered to remove hurdles by doing the editing and posting. There are over 90 posts but nearly all of them are mine. The members did not get involved. I made a similar offer for another group and got the same results.

Even when people say they want to participate and will participate, they rarely do. A different strategy is needed.

Plan B

If you're the primary writer, there are ways to simplify your work.

  • Instead of asking others to write, interview them for a podcast or video.
  • Disguise your writing requests by asking questions by email.

As time passes, you may find other writers. As a minimum, you'll get better and faster at writing.

If you're producing a monthly newsletter, use content that third parties have already written. Here's a simple approachoutlinks.gif. Feel free to subscribeoutlinks.gif.


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