How do you get content noticed?

How do you get content noticed?

Actuarial organizations create content that may get ignored despite announcements. This is a general problem for content creators. People are busy. The new content may not be relevant at the moment. There are two keys to help members access existing information

  • make content findable
  • provide reminders

Make Content Findable

Where do you go to find something? Probably to your preferred search engine. If your content isn't easy to find with a web search, there's a problem. Members of your organization may know where to look on your website but what about others? Content that is easy to find, is more likely to get found.


There's no way to tell what will be popular when, as this case studyoutlinks.gif shows.

Publishing more content increases the chances that something will be appealing. As long as you get traffic, you can redirect it.

Provide Reminders

With our busy lives, it's easy to forget about content. The creators can help by providing reminders. For instance, links can be tweeted and retweeted. Blog posts are a way highlight the content, add interpretations and provide links. Reminders can also be provided through newsletters and LinkedIn. As new content gets created, hyperlinks can direct visitors to old traffic.

You can develop content which is designed to last, you can reuse it. For instance, content with a seasonal theme can be reused each year (e.g., Back To Schooloutlinks.gif).

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