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You may want to review this content before or after attending a live session. This video gives you a sample of why modern marketing matters.

Three Action Steps

Create your web presence in three easy steps.

  1. Get LinkedIn: post your marketing profile. A plain résumé is too boring.
  2. Register a web address: your name, your company name, or both. If you don't have a website, redirect visitors to your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Create a destination: website, blog, …

For extra benefits, stay in touch with Twitter or an eNewsletter.

If you need help, ask a teenager. You may have one of your own. If not, see if you can borrow one from a neighbour, friend or relatively. They don't work for peanuts, but pizza might entice them.

Learn More

Here is reading material you may want to review before or after attending a live session.


  1. Does your email address say you're cheap, generic and inattentive?outlinks.gif
  2. Why Twitter (finally) makes sense for building your businessoutlinks.gif
  3. Thoughts on The Dip by Seth Godinoutlinks.gif
  4. Eight reasons to stop fearing social mediaoutlinks.gif (gigaom)


  1. The easiest way to catch up with social mediaoutlinks.gif
  2. Create your web presence in three easy stepsoutlinks.gif
  3. Get foundin LinkedIn to keep growinoutlinks.gif
  4. A proven technique to expand your LinkedIn networkoutlinks.gif
  5. Nicolas Boothman on creating your 10 second commercialoutlinks.gif
  6. How to start your own eNewsletteroutlinks.gif


This studio recording of a presentation for CALU in May 2011 gives a different perspective.

What do you think? Please vote with the Like/Dislike buttons on the YouTube pageoutlinks.gif for this video. Your written comments (good or bad) are welcome too. Take this opportunity to use social media to express your opinion!


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