Here's feedback from previous sessions. The content is continuously enhanced, which means each talk is different.

IFB Summit | Nov 4, 2009

Excellent presentation. The best in IFB [Independent Federation of Brokers].

I really enjoyed your presentation and as far as I was concerned it was the best at IFB.

Your presentation was creative, it made all of us aware that if we wanted to be recognized to be above average, we had to strive to do things above average.

Thank you for being there for us. We appreciate your sincerity.

Other Places


Very beneficial. Ideas are extremely valuable. Thank you.


Avid follower


I would like to put this into practice what you have shown us today. Help, please. Email (withheld). Thanks ever so much.


Intriguing, many points that are of relevance. Will definitely follow online.


Thanks for all the links!


1) Delivery of presentation easy to sit through, fast moving, enjoyable
2) Opening areas I'm out of touch with


Outstanding presentation and presenter!!!


Very helpful & practical! Thanks!


Very valuable information.

An effective way to learn to enhance one's business.

Excellent delivery.

Looking forward to more presentations.

Thanks for donating your time!!!

Have a blessed day!!

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